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What We Do

We offer  both new construction/demolition, complete tear down, addition, and remodel. We specialize in custom kitchens and bathrooms. Our clients will be able to view all phases of renovations, architectural plans and permits. 

Working Together

 We create an exceptional client experience and foundation that includes honest communication and trust, reliable budgeting, staffing, and on-site organization. 

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We work with homeowners and designers to produce satisfying results. Call us today and bring our project management skills and extensive construction experience to your next project. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Who We Are

Our Team

We’ll help you get the job done! The staff of Sublime Design and Build have been building for over thirty years. The skilled staff of our company have worked with many talented designers, builders, and architects. Our work can be seen in places all around the world.

In the beginning, I, Mark Z., built Sublime Design and Build with a team of true artisan contractors, friends and associates working side by side in the industry. 25 years ago we were all working independently, training abroad and each obtained different skills. We learned from each other while trying to master our own techniques. We all seemed to run into each other on the same job sites. As a large scale contractor and company of friends and business partners, I decided to open his northern branch office in the Bay Area to form Sublime Design and Build. A team of professionals, working with the same goals and aspirations. 

Mark Z.

Owner/Designer/Project Coordinator

My name is Mark Z., and I have been a builder for over 30 years. The industry, as we all know, certainly has its ups and downs. Though, if you truly love what you do, it never feels like your are working a day in your life. This relates to me, and is how I feel in my line of work.

Over the years, I have had the great fortune of working with some of the most talented builders, designers, and architects in the country. From Richard Landrie, Frantz Kalmar, J Stewart Hillyard, to Franco Vecchio and Robert Tracouscic. It has been a ride that, in my opinion, is irreplaceable. 

Some of my building projects have carrried me from Malibu, Maui, Telluride, to Costa Rica. I have devoted my life to the building industry and continue to do so with Sublime Design and Build. 

Moises M.

Senior Partner

My name is Moises M., and I have been in the contruction industry for over 25 years. I am a certified electrician, HVAC contractor, and general contractor working in the central valley area. I met Mark Z. in Maui, while on vacation, I visited one of his job sites and helped him with an automation problem. We became friends and began working on several multiple projects together in the Hawaiian Islands and then in Colorado and Southern California. Thats when we decided to go into business together and open a new firm, Sublime Design and Build in northern California. The experience of three builders in one company, and I am proud to be the CEO of this company.

Jared Goodrich


My name is Jared Goodrich, and I have been in the construction industry for 30 years. In my younger years, I worked closely with my older brother, whom is a general contractor himslef. I apprenticed under him for over 6 years building companies such as Trader Joes. We helped build with this company for many years.

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